Drag each character into one of the nine categories. If possible, try to sort within each tier, from best on the left to worst on the right.
You can put any amount of characters in any tier, you can even leave tiers blank if you want.
Tip: Tap or drag an icon to pick which tier it should go in! On a computer, you can also use the numbers on your keyboard (0-9) to sort the first response still left in the "No opinion" box (1 = Best, 9 = Worst)

What is this?

This website is a tier list website. You can show your friends your opinions on Battle for Dream Island or BFDI characters by putting them in the box which means which opinion you have of each character.

This website is different from most tier list websites because if you want, you can send your tier list to me! I'm figgyc, and I've always wanted a comprehensive, detailed data set about what people think of BFDI characters. I'll be making some totally anonymous cool statistics and sharing them with the community! (Also the watermark isn't in a stupid place. You're welcome.) I haven't finish preparing the results yet, but when I do, I'll link them here, and you'll probably be seeing them on your favourite BFDI related YouTube channels soon. To go along with that, there's also some bonus questions you can fill in if you want.

Privacy policy

  1. The purpose of this website is to create statistics on opinions of BFDI characters. In order to perform this task, and also to ensure the integrity of the data, the following data will be collected. Data is only collected when you press the Submit button.
    1. The complete data of your tier list (tier and order) and any additional questions (your Response) is collected for purpose of generating the statistics.
    2. To allow you to edit your response and prevent duplication, a random number (the "edit token") is generated and saved on your computer and is sent alongside your Response. This is only used to make sure that you only have one Response in the database. Your previous Responses will not be stored if you submit a new one. The edit token also allows you to delete your Response if you like by clicking here.
    3. To prevent spam, your IP address is checked against a ban list. It is not stored.
    4. For your convenience, a draft of your Response is automatically saved on your computer with localStorage technology, and is not shared. You can clear it by clicking here.
  2. All statistics produced will be in a form where individuals cannot be identified. Only aggregated statistics will be produced. For example I might say "the average score out of 9 of character A is 6.5, and character B is 4.2" but never "some person said character A is best tier and character B is worst tier".
  3. All data collected is purely for recreational use and will not be sold.
  4. As a result of collecting IP addresses and setting identifiers, this website is not intended to collect data of users under the age of 13 or any applicable limit in your jurisdiction. If you believe you are aware of a violation of this please use available functionality to delete applicable Responses if possible, or email me at the address listed below.
  5. To prevent automated responses, this website uses hCaptcha to detect bots. Use of their system is subject to its own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  6. This website is operated by George Brooke "figgyc" and you can contact me at the email address tierlist@figgyc.uk.
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